Rating of the best brands of buckwheat

Shop counters are filled with a variety of products, cereals of various types. Among cereals, buckwheat is considered one of the most common and useful, which can be found on tables in all countries of the world. Doctors have long proven the beneficial properties of cereals, which played a big role in the popularity of the culture.


What types of buckwheat can be found on store shelves?

Manufacturers offer customers to purchase cereals in several types:

  • Kernels are whole grains and the larger they are, the higher the price will be. Kernels are the most common and culinary. This look is perfect for porridge and other dishes.
  • Buckwheat, or the so-called chaff, is obtained by cutting the kernel into several parts, after cleaning it from the husk. Despite the preliminary steps, all the beneficial properties of cereals are preserved in full. Heat treatment (cooking) requires much less time, which allows you to save more useful components.
  • Buckwheat flakes are also obtained from the kernels by flattening and pore processing, they are used in cereals for instant cooking and in the production of diet bread.
  • Flour is finely ground grains, noodles are prepared from such a product, bread, pancakes and buns are baked, and cereals for babies are also prepared.
  • Green buckwheat is an untreated kernel. This type contains a huge amount of nutrients and is suitable for those who prefer a healthy diet.

Buckwheat culture is suitable for all age categories, this is due to its easy digestibility and the content in it of a large amount of nutrients.

Useful properties of buckwheat

Along with other cereals, buckwheat has the greatest number of useful properties, less carbohydrates, and what is important is digested for quite a long time, giving the body a feeling of fullness. So, what are the positive properties of this cereal:

  • lowers cholesterol, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body, cleansing and improving the functioning of the intestines and all other organs;
  • grains contain a large amount of potassium, which has a positive effect on the work of the cardiovascular system by leveling blood pressure, reducing the formation of blood clots;
  • microelements included in the cereal make the cereal suitable for use by people suffering from anemia, undergoing a period of rehabilitation after surgery, injuries that entailed blood loss;
  • buckwheat has a beneficial effect on people suffering from sleep disorders, depression, having a positive effect on the nervous system and brain activity of a person.

The benefits of buckwheat are based on the fact that it contains a large amount of trace elements such as iodine, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, thus people suffering from diseases such as arthrosis, rheumatism, pressure drops and vascular diseases are recommended to use this cereal.

Contraindications for buckwheat

Despite the fact that cereals contain a huge amount of trace elements necessary for the body, it also has contraindications, which apply to cases when people limit their diet, making buckwheat the main dish. So, doctors do not recommend to abuse this type of product in the following cases:

  • if a person has diabetes mellitus or suffers from kidney failure, this is due to the fact that grains contain a large amount of starch, which affects the increase in blood sugar;
  • suffers from hypertension, which is part of rutin dilates blood vessels, which can cause an increase in pressure;
  • there is an intolerance to protein, since buckwheat contains a very large amount of it.
  • It should be remembered that all of the above contraindications apply only if a person is going to go on a diet, the menu of which is limited and consists mainly of this cereal. Eating in a limited amount will not harm.

Buckwheat and weight loss

Nutritionists have long recommended that people who want to lose weight include buckwheat in their diet. Thanks to its properties, a person can lose up to 10 kg of excess weight in two weeks, and to maintain shape, it is enough to do fasting days on buckwheat several times a week. In addition to the fact that in this way you can lose weight, but also cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, thereby improving the functioning of the digestive system. In order to lose weight with buckwheat, you should follow some rules:

  • use cereals as a side dish, but without adding spices and without using various sauces, first of all, this concerns ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • use salt in a minimal amount, and it is best to exclude it;
  • it is best not to cook it, but to steam it, since this way all the useful properties are preserved;
  • you can add apples, kefir to the side dish to diversify the diet;
  • another rule is to consume the right amount of water (up to two liters), which should be regular, not carbonated.

The use of buckwheat allows you to quickly lose weight; with proper nutrition, a person can lose about 10 kg in two weeks.

But doctors do not recommend using it for more than two weeks, as this may adversely affect human health.


As a rule, when choosing products, buyers pay attention to the manufacturer and which variety is indicated on the package. But it should be borne in mind that such moments are not the main ones, since storage, processing of grains plays an important role, that is, the smell, appearance of cereals, its packaging are taken into account, well, after cooking, take into account the taste of the product.


Basically, cellophane bags are used as packaging, which perfectly protect the cereal from moisture, preventing it from damping. But before purchasing, you must carefully inspect the packaging for damage. As a rule, all packages are transparent, and you can always visually inspect the product, there should not be any foreign impurities in it, and the grains should be of the same color and size, this indicates the quality of sorting and roasting of the kernels.

Each package contains notes about the contents, including about its weight, which is also worth paying attention to, since quite often you can face the fact that the amount for the product is the same, but the weight is different.


Considering in more detail the question of the appearance of the cereal, it is worth paying attention to the color, it should be brown, this indicates that the grains have been steamed. It does not take much time to cook such buckwheat; it is perfect for crumbly cereals. But after such processing, few trace elements are retained in the nuclei that are beneficial and therefore porridge is not recommended for use by children and as a dietary product.

Unboiled grains are light cream in color, sometimes with a greenish or yellowish tinge. They retain the maximum amount of useful microelements, all kernels have approximately the same color, their edges are lighter than the central part. It takes more time to cook such buckwheat than to cook steamed.

Important: it is not recommended to purchase a product if it has a bright brown color with a reddish tint, such kernels are obtained after thorough roasting and nothing useful remains in them.


Taste and smell

One of the important selection criteria is the taste and smell of the product, but you will get to know them only after purchasing the product. High-quality products do not give off the smell of dampness, mold, chemicals or fungi, such aromas indicate that buckwheat was stored incorrectly, was poorly processed or simply of poor quality.

In terms of flavor, the kernels should not be bitter or sour after cooking. If such deficiencies are noticed, you should immediately throw out the cereal, as this indicates that it contains microorganisms harmful to the body and can lead to poisoning.

Buyers Tips

Experienced housewives know how to choose the right products and what to look for, this also applies to buckwheat:

  • you should not make your choice based on the inscriptions “premium” or “extra” class on packages, as they rarely coincide with reality and are just an advertising stunt of manufacturers;
  • before cooking, you need to rinse the grains, no matter what grade they are, the first or the highest, since dust or dirt could get on them before packing;
  • small producers should be treated with caution, as they often save on equipment and simply fry the grains instead of steaming;
  • pay attention to the period during which the product is stored, as a rule, it is 20 months;
  • in the summer period, cereals should be checked at regular intervals so that bugs or moths do not get in them;
  • when cooking, the proportions of cereals and water should be poured, it is necessary to pour 1: 2, it is not recommended to stir it, and after the water boils away, the side dish should be kept under the lid for another half hour;
  • buckwheat as a side dish goes well with vegetables and fish.

In order for the groats to be stored for the prescribed period after opening, it is necessary to pour it into a hermetically sealed container, thus protecting the product from harmful insects and moisture.