How to germino green buckwheat


We rinse the croup well, I usually take half a cup or a glass. Pour in a bowl.

Add clean water. It is very important. You can wash under the crane. But for soaking water with chlorine does not work. The liquid should cover the crum at 1-1.5 centimeters. No more, otherwise there will be a lot of mucus.

  • Leave for two hours. Then buckwheat again rinse. Now we merge excess water.
  • Cover the wet cotton cloth, the rolled march will fit.
  • We leave in warm but not a hot place. Room temperature is suitable. If the fabric dries, wet. Or from above covering the food film.

I have first sprouts usually appear in a day. In general, buckwheat can germinate up to three days. In the refrigerator it is stored up to two days. You can use immediately when millimeter sprouts appear or wait for a zoom to 0.5-1 cm. I start with the “kids”, the next day of “adolescents”, and finally remain “hero.”

Rawes, meathers, vegans are dedicated to or all ways to eat green buckwheat

Green buckwheat can simply cook, like a conventional croup. It is also perfectly combined with vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms. If you want to save more beneficial substances – weave in a thermos of boiling water, we leave for several hours, you can all night. Do not forget to salute.

How to use green buckwheat:

  • in the form of a garnior;
  • In the form of porridge, adding a variety of products, by the way, you can even complement dried fruits, nuts;
  • Use in mince, casserole.

From raw cereals you can make flour for various baking. I know, even in candy such powder add. Everything is standard, but then the product will not be superfood. Any thermal processing reduces the amount of valuable substances. Therefore, I prefer to eat in the raw form after germination.

The easiest option is to throw a pair of buckwheat sinning Salad, sprinkle a side dish or any finished dish. Such an additive significantly increases the nutrition of the diet. As I said, after use, I do not want to eat for a long time. Even the usual tomato and cucumber salad turns into a full and satisfying dish. If it adds a little egg cheese or a piece of meat (birds, fish) is generally a fairy tale.

Supplement is good, and an independent dish is even better. I will share my recipes with a glowed superfood.

Soup “Living” from grooved buckwheat

I will prove that soups are not necessarily cooking. This dish is suitable for everyone, including rawls and vegans. This is a cool option for a laundry menu. And he is suitable for a discharge day and losing weight in general.


  • glass of germinated buckwheat;
  • cucumber;
  • avocado;
  • Water, spices, greenery to taste.


  • Cut the cucumber, remove the flesh of avocado, throw a bone (or plant, avocado is growing very interesting).
  • Send everything to a blender, add germinated green grains of buckwheat, pour some water. You can take vegetable juice, broth.
  • Beat up to homogeneity. Add more liquid, adjust the consistency, at the same time and taste – we introduce spices, salt.

The soup is preparing no more than five minutes. This dish helps out when there is no time to stand at the stove. And it is perfect for the right breakfast. You can decorate greens, seeds, I like to combine with ginger. And if I have very little time – add more fluid, overflow to the shaker and take with me.

Cleansing salad

This salad can be prepared with raw or boiled beets, as you like more. I am used to refuel the puree from the pulp of avocado. But any vegetable oil is suitable, you can mix it with garlic, lemon juice.


  • 1 green apple;
  • 2-3 tbsp. l. germinated buckwheat;
  • 1 small beet;
  • 1 tbsp. l. avocado;
  • Greens, spices.


  • Cut the beet and apple straw, you can graze or crumble cubes.
  • Add green buckwheat, salt.
  • Follow the chopped avocado.

I also really liked the use of prunes instead of apple. The cleansing effect will be more pronounced, but this option is not suitable for everyone.

PP dessert “Rough of Hunger” with grooved buckwheat

You are not yourself when you’re hungry. It is worse than this only longing for sweets. And I found a way out for myself. You can use any fruits, berries for this dessert. I love with a grenade. It comes longer to chew, faster the feeling of satiety comes. All are satisfied – both the brain and the stomach.


  • 5 glasses of buckwheat;
  • 5 pomegranate;
  • 2 tbsp. l. yogurt;
  • 1-2 h. L. Honey or sugar substitute.


  • Separate garnet grains, mix with grooved buckwheat.
  • Connect the yogurt with honey.
  • We combine.

Use for refueling any syrup. If you use sugar substitutes, then on a natural basis. Usually they are from Stevia, I like the “Fit Parade”.

Smoothie “Nonstandard” with grocessed buckwheat and fruit

Grocered cereals are perfectly combined with fruit. And she is greatly crushed by a blender. Therefore, it is easy to cook fashionable and useful cocktails – smoothies.


  • 5 glasses of germinated buckwheat;
  • 1 kiwi;
  • 150 ml of water;
  • 1 banana;
  • 1 pear;
  • honey to taste.


  • Fruits cut, bones and skins we will not need.
  • Load to the bowl of the blender along with buckwheat. Scroll.
  • Pour water, add honey, beat to homogeneity or light foam.

How to make a tastier any dish? I have one solution – add spices. In the smoothie, I smell cinnamon, Vanilla, sometimes I beat with mint, it turns out to be with ginger, but it is important not to overdo it.

Does buckwheat have contraindications?

A healthy man does not bring green buckwheat harm. Troubles may appear only with individual intolerance to the product. Allergic reactions happen extremely rarely. Therefore, the product is actively introduced into the diet of children, pregnant women, nursing mothers. But, they also do not need to abuse. The oversuet of fiber can provoke trouble with the gastrointestinal tract. Maximum daily rate of 200 grams of raw cereals.

What are the green buckwheat contraindications:

  • increased blood coagulation;
  • leaning to constipation;
  • Acute GTS Diseases.


I still actively read about green buckwheat reviews. No, I have no doubt about the effectiveness of this superfud. I almost by heart know his composition, useful properties. It’s just interesting to listen to the opinion of other people, leave your own, sometimes there are unusual use options in the reviews. For example, there I found my raw soup (I shared the recipe above).

Buy but not gone

The most common question (besides benefit and use) about green buckwheat – where to buy. In fact, there are croup in ordinary stores, the truth is incomprehensible to what quality. If you need not just a meal, but a real superfood, then take a grain of organic origin grown in environmentally friendly areas. Also, some manufacturers are shy. They are treated with high temperatures to increase the shelf life. The color does not change, but the benefits are significantly reduced. If you do not know where to buy high-quality superfood, I can share the link to the proven store, myself bought there many times.

The second point is the price. It would seem that buckwheat is not fry, save resources on this, but why is the green croup more expensive? Causes of banal – for superfoods use environmentally friendly and high-quality grain, often it has to be transported from distant regions and even countries. The second reason is a smaller shelf life. Exchange is equal to losses, manufacturers need to somehow compensate. In any case, it is better to buy a green buckwheat of high quality and with a gorgeous composition than incomprehensible pacifier.

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