Green buckwheat is my faithful girlfriend


Development, change, improvement is cool, but not only for food. How much do we (it is figurative) all spoiled? The oil has learned to refine, purify the flour, and the cereals fry. The taste is better, and useful properties is much less. And today on the agenda Green buckwheat. My faithful girlfriend. Not only the lazy man did not hear about it. What is the cereal, what did she deserve the honorary title of Superfud?

Difference from brown buckwheat

In fact, green buckwheat – ceremony without roasting. It can be absolutely the same variety as a brown sister. Until the 50s of the last century, it was in such a form of cellant. To improve taste, the disclosure of the aroma of the hostess was frying the croup in a pan. And then it began to make manufacturers. Not only for the benefit of people, but also with a mercenary purpose. Fried buckwheat is much better kept, it can lie for years, despite the limited shelf life on the packaging.

Green bucks for a while disappeared from the counters, and appeared again only a few years ago. The reason for the return is a banal – worldwide insoluction on the head. The last century gave us certain conclusions, helped the mass of health problems, destroyed the ecology. Therefore, the organic and “live” food at the peak of popularity.

I do not say that brown buckwheat is bad, useless, this is also a very valuable food product. But the green sister greatly surpasses it, which is why the superfood is called.

Is there a chemistry in green buckwheat?

Of course have! But we are not talking about school, dyes, preservatives, various additives. The benefits of green buckwheat is explained by a rich chemical composition. The grain contains almost the entire Tatar of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. I will not redraw it here, but only to highlight the most important vitamins, elements, their approximate quantity.

Separately we analyze amino acids. In buckwheat they are all. Moreover, after germination, they acquire an easily dismissed form. The body does not have to spend power for processing, transformation. Amino acids immediately after entering the body will begin to work. We will not review everything, but we will tell about the most interesting things that they do with our organism.

In 100 g of buckwheat 310 kcal, 12.6 g of protein, 3.3 g of fats, 62 g of carbohydrates. At the same time, the caloric content of boiled or germinated grains is at least 2.5 times lower. The energy value in this case depends on the amount of absorbed water.

Benefit in every grain

I so detailed the composition and importance of amino acids. But this is not all the valuable properties of green cereals. This is the most powerful antioxidant. It contains up to 155 mg of antioxidants per 100 grams. For comparison – in rice a maximum of 6 mg. And I already know what to prepare today.

Other useful properties of green buckwheat:

  • Cleans the body, removes toxins, salts of heavy metals, harmful chemical compounds and residual decay products. Merit fiber;
  • Accelerates metabolism. And again we are talking about amino acids, vitamins, minerals;
  • reduces sugar levels, extremely useful in glycemia, insulin resistance;
  • Strengthens bones, nails, hair. All thanks to calcium, ftor, zinc and other substances in the composition;
  • Increases vessel strength, normalizes blood pressure. The merit of routine;
  • Enhances immunity in adults and children, helps to recover faster after severe diseases, surgical interventions.

How not to become a favorite, with such properties? Buckwheat is shown in obesity, diabetes, immunodeficiency. This is a product for those who are not going to grow old, get fat and covered by painting wrinkles.

Use when weight loss

If the weight is normal – something is wrong with you. It’s a joke. But not everyone can boast of natural harmony (I will not tell about familiar thin wobbles, jamming cakes with kebabs and ice cream). Therefore, the green buckwheat for weight loss is a separate topic for conversation. The peculiarity of the product is that it consists of complex carbohydrates. This is a high-quality source of energy that will not be deposited on the waist in the form of fat.

The benefits of buckwheat when weight loss. This is a source:

  • It is needed for all – cleansing, digestion, plant fibers do not give fat to postpone, they warn overeating;
  • Green buckwheat helps to lose fat, not the muscles. Also proteins prolong the feeling of satiety;

Antioxidants required to preserve skin elasticity. This is especially important when weighing weight loss;

Have a good mood. Magnesium, amino acids regulate the work of the nervous system, help struggle with stress. Alas, during weight loss, they arrange an attack;

Your energy, strength, endurance. The merit of carbohydrates, vitamins and all other elements of the composition. They contribute to the well-coordinated work of the body.

I wanted to share the secret, but everyone knows. We lose weight only with a deficiency of calories. We take less – give more. If you do not comply with this rule, then even the buckthorn of buckwheat with fatty sediments will not cope. But with a competent approach to nutrition, it will provide powerful support, help to lose weight without breakdowns, extra nerves and hungry fainting.

The trace elements are included in the cereals make the skin elastic. During the diet, the mood does not deteriorate, the performance is not reduced, there is no sense of fatigue.

Grow, my beauty

One beautiful person advised somehow germinating green buckwheat. This is not a new procedure for me. I once germed the barley, wheat, then just moved to Vitgrass, the barlagraphs in the form of a powder. The effect is the same, but to use and store much easier. But the sprouts of green buckwheat did not find on sale, but found very valuable information.

What gives buckwheat:

  • Enzymes (enzymes) are formed – natural catalysts. They accelerate all chemical reactions, increase the digestibility of substances;
  • proteins fall apart, peptides and simple amino acids come to the body, which are immediately sent to the tissue;
  • the concentration of organic acids increases;
  • The concentration of phytic acid is reduced, due to which magnesium is poorly absorbed;
  • Auxins, gibbersellin are activated. These are vegetable hormones of youth. They struggle with rashes on the skin, have a positive effect on the synthesis of collagen, reduce the level of bad cholesterol.

It would seem that simple processing, and so changes the properties of the product! And another surprise for me was the taste. I liked the gentle girlfriend even more, resembles pumpkin seeds or nuts, and she is very well quenched hunger. I add almost all the dishes.

The first time I did not work out with the germination of buckwheat. There was a lot of mucus, I was washed. Then it began to read that people she zaks. By trial and errors developed its technique.

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