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Buckwheat is the most important agricultural crop from which dietary buckwheat is produced. It is rich in starch content. It is used when replanting winter crops. She loves warmth, is sensitive to frost, and can die at negative temperatures. High degrees are also unfavorable for this crop, that is, exceeding 30  C. The purchase price for buckwheat is an unstable value.

The roots of the plant in question have high assimilation abilities. Light, neutral soil, close to water, protected from the wind is best. This crop needs land cultivation, as well as fertilizers. It is especially nourished by potassium. Manure or other organic matter is not suitable for buckwheat. It is better to apply them in the case of previous cultures.

As for sowing buckwheat, it can be done in several ways: ordinary and wide-row. Weed control takes place by harrowing before the buckwheat begins to sprout. This crop is harvested using a separate method.

The homeland of buckwheat is India. The subspecies include ordinary, as well as Tatar, which, in turn, is also divided into two types. The ordinary one includes grain, melliferous culture, used as food for people, and also feed for animals. Tatarskaya is a wild buckwheat variety. Distributed in 2 forms.

Buckwheat is rich in useful elements and vitamins. Very nutritious. Honey is obtained from it, which is the main product in beekeeping. The plant in question produces nectar, especially in warm weather, as well as yellowish pollen. The resulting honey has a brown tint. It is very aromatic.

It is important for dietary purposes. Buckwheat flour is not suitable for bread, as it is devoid of gluten. Amenable to long-term storage. It is used in medicine, as well as folk medicine, as it has medicinal properties. Rich in folic acid.


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Buckwheat, buckwheat, unground – these are all the names of one cereal crop that was brought to us at the end of the 7th – beginning of the 8th centuries, according to some sources from Romania, and according to others from Greece. Later she was called “the queen of croup”. In Soviet times, Ukraine was one of the leaders in the production and consumption of buckwheat. And even now the inhabitants of our country use it more than any other cereal. In the online store “Nayada”, you can buy buckwheat online of the highest quality with delivery home to any part of Dnepropetrovsk and Dneprodzerzhinsk. And direct deliveries from manufacturers, I guarantee that there is always buckwheat in stock, the price of which will satisfy any buyer.

Buckwheat unground is produced in several types:

  • whole grain
  • done (crushed grains)
  • smolensk groats (crushed grains)
  • flour

Buckwheat is a cereal that contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as minerals such as proteins and carbohydrates. This is what makes her in demand in terms of diets and healthy eating. Despite the fact that the price of buckwheat in Ukraine is growing, we try to keep it at an acceptable level for our customers. So you can always buy buckwheat on the best terms.

Where buy buckwheat

It is enough to soak it for half an hour or an hour in water – and it is ready for use. You can eat it like this, or you can add it to a salad with herbs, cucumber and mushrooms. If you leave it covered and damp overnight, by the morning we will get buckwheat sprouts, an even more valuable product than just raw buckwheat. Sprouts are good to eat with a spoon, gobbling up on both cheeks!

Their biological activity is highest in the first half of the day; we do not recommend eating at night.

Sprouted buckwheat also forms the basis in the Banana Muesli Cookies so beloved by all of us. You can make it at home by adding raisins, dried apricots, nuts, sesame seeds and poppy seeds, pouring over whipped banana and drying in a dehydrator for 24 hours. Or you can order from us here

When germinating, buckwheat secretes its own special mucus, which is easily washed off with a stream of water and does not cause additional inconvenience. This mucus does not mean that you are sprouting incorrectly, it is just the specificity of green buckwheat.

Green food buckwheat belongs to low-calorie foods. Its caloric content is only 290.2 per 100 g. In the germinated state, its caloric content decreases due to the ongoing chemical processes.

The composition of green food buckwheat is unique. The famous Japanese nutritionist J. Azawa puts it in the first place in the list in terms of usefulness and energy value, millet is in second place in his list, followed by rice, oats, barley and others.

Where i can buy buckwheat

Green buckwheat contains in 100g:

  • 13-15 g protein
  • 3 -3 g fat
  • 5 g carbohydrates
  • 67-75% starch
  • 8 -16 g dietary fiber
  • 0-2.2 g ash

Green buckwheat contains a unique protein, which includes all 8 essential amino acids, is well balanced, rich in lysine, and therefore high quality. For example, the lysine content is 100 grams. protein is (gr.): egg 6.0, buckwheat 5.1, barley 3.7, wheat 2.5.

In terms of its biological value, quality and nutritional value, buckwheat protein is close to the protein of a chicken egg, as the most balanced and valuable. In terms of digestibility, it is close to the protein of legumes.

In terms of protein content, green buckwheat is inferior to oats, but surpasses wheat, rice, millet, sorghum and corn.


Buy buckwheat online

The amino acid cysteine enhances the cleansing of the body from toxins and radioactive substances. Histidine contributes to the normalization of growth in children. Buckwheat protein contains readily soluble fractions of albumin and globulin, which determine its high digestibility.

Green buckwheat does not contain gluten, vegetable protein found mainly in cereals: wheat, rye, oats, barley. Gluten is a water-insoluble protein that can build up on the walls of the intestine and impair bowel function. If you suffer from celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, then green buckwheat will be an excellent substitute for all grains.

Green buckwheat contains fat that is highly resistant to oxidation. Even with long-term storage, there is no decrease in nutritional quality. Its oil contains 16-20% saturated fatty acids, 30-45% oleic acid and 31-41% linoleic acid. Palmitic, oleic, linoleic and linolenic acids make up about 95% of the total fatty acids.

Biologically active substances of buckwheat provide high-quality metabolism, growth and restoration of body cells.